A 40 year old off duty police officer was riding his motorcycle southbound on Route 31 in Raritan Township, New Jersey. It was approximately 1:45 p.m. on a sunny Saturday afternoon.The defendant driver was operating a leased Lincoln Navigator sports utility vehicle northbound on Route 31. Defendant Marquis reported to police officers that she received a telephone call from her father, while operating the Navigator, that requested she return home. Defendant Marquis further stated that she ended the call, and looked down to replace the telephone back into the console. At that moment, Defendant another vehicle also proceeding northbound on Route 31. The defendant driver then crossed over the center line, and entered the southbound lane of travel where she collided head-on with the plaintiff and his motorcycle. The force of the collision was horrific and resulted in a motorcycle becoming impaled at the right front portion of the Navigator. The plaintiff was ejected from his vehicle, and was found approximately 40 feet from where the Navigator came to rest with the entangled Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Various witnesses to the accident described the defendant talking on the telephone with her father while traveling through Flemington circle and plaintiff operating his motorcycle in an entirely normal fashion for miles prior to the accident. Witnesses also saw plaintiff’s ejection from the motorcycle that resulted in him being thrown over the Navigator. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant driver operated her vehicle in a reckless, careless, and negligent manner, specifically she failed to stay in lane; failed to keep right; disregarding the rights of other users of the roadway; failed to make proper observations; utilized a telephone while operating a motor vehicle; and failed to keep her vehicle under proper control. The plaintiff was fatally injured in the accident and pronounce dead at the scene. An autopsy revealed he suffered skull fractures, compound fractures of the right arm and leg; fractured pelvis and other severe personal injuries.

The family of the decedent accepted a $1,200,000 settlement from the insurance company for the negligent cell phone driver.

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