Car Accident LawyerCar accidents can be life-altering events with many long-lasting ripple effects. Whether you are suffering financially due to damages, physically due to injury, or emotionally due to loss, you need help to navigate the waters after a car accident.  Hiring the right team of auto accident lawyers could mean the difference between being lost in stormy seas or sailing into safe harbors. At Keefe-Bartels, our experienced attorneys can take the wheel and help you get the maximum compensation you deserve after your accident.

Our Keefe-Bartels accident lawyers know how to go up against reluctant insurance companies and negligent drivers. We know New Jersey law and we are familiar with the tactics of New Jersey auto insurance companies. Let us help guide you through this murky experience to get you back to living your life as it was before your accident.

Our firm represents clients that include the following:

Statute of Limitations

From the moment you suffer an injury, damage, or loss from a car accident in the state of New Jersey, the time is ticking. It is important for you to begin the process of filing your claims right away, through the right channels in order to beat that clock.  The New Jersey statute of limitations for filing for compensation for any injuries, damage, or loss due to a car accident is two years.

That means, if you suffer any residual injury that you were not initially aware of right after the accident, those delays could cost you the medical treatment you need. Likewise, if you discover delayed damage that might not have been readily apparent immediately, but is linked to your accident, the timing is important to get the repairs covered so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

Keefe-Bartels’ team of lawyers know what to look for to get all claims entered in a timely manner before the clock ticks down. We can help you cover your bases to ensure you get the full amount of the settlement you deserve.

Insurance Companies

New Jersey has some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country. As such, you’d expect that insurance companies would be flush with cash and ready to pay out to injured parties, but this isn’t the case. The truth is, most insurance companies do everything they can to avoid paying the full amount deserved to victims of car accidents.

Whether it’s negligent drivers or faulty equipment, most insurance companies try to trick victims into accepting lesser dollar amounts than they deserve or even unknowingly answering questions that exclude them from being eligible for any compensation at all.

Our lawyers will deal directly with the insurance companies for you, to protect you from their loopholes and ensure your payout to the highest possible amount.

Do’s and Don’ts After an Auto Accident

There will be many contacts, reports and phone calls you’ll have to make after your car accident. Unfortunately, missteps in this process can reduce the amount you qualify for if not done correctly. If you suffer a car accident make sure to:

  • Report your accident to the local police department.
  • Take photos of any damage to your vehicle, your possessions and any other damages to other cars involved.
  • Seek immediate medical care for your injuries.
  • Request copies of any police reports, medical documents, or any other paperwork filed for your accident.
  • Contact a skilled car accident attorney to work on your behalf.
  • DO NOT speak with any insurance company besides your own.
  • DO NOT agree to any type of settlement without contacting an attorney first.
  • DO NOT agree to avoid reporting any accident in which there is damage or injury.

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