Of all work-related injuries and fatalities, over 20% each year occur in construction or construction-related fields. More than half of the workplace fatalities were caused by falls, strikes from objects, electrocution, or employees becoming stuck between materials. If you are lucky enough to survive a workplace injury, chances are one in one hundred that your injury or illness will require multiple days off work. (According to 2015 OSHA data https://www.osha.gov/oshstats/commonstats.html.)

With statistics as high as these, it is clear that employers are not only aware of the risks related to working in construction, but are prepared to pay workers’ compensation for injuries and accidents that occur. In order to access those resources, you need a qualified law firm to help you work through the process of receiving the compensation you deserve.

You Are Protected

Most construction workers know the inherent dangers of working in construction, so employers play on that assumption. We know that many workers are afraid to speak up or voice a complaint out of fear of being fired. At Keefe Bartels, we can protect you against any unjust retaliation. When you hire our firm, we can document the timeline of your illness or injury and prevent you from being fired without cause.

Our team of legal professionals will build your case with meticulous attention to detail so neither your employer nor their insurance company can turn the blame back around or point fingers. We work for you and will make it clear to judge and jury how your accident or illness occurred due to negligence or preventable hazards on the job.

What Does Workers’ Compensation Offer?

Under New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Laws, employees are entitled to medical care, disability pay, rehabilitation, and death benefits for fatalities.
Depending on the injury, each worker may receive reimbursement for all medical expenses related to the workplace injury. This includes hospital bills and the costs for follow-up doctors’ visits. It also includes any medications or prescriptions that are required as a result of your injury. If your injury requires travel to seek care from specialist, your travel expenses could be covered, too.

Even when you are on the road to recovery, you may need extra help through rehabilitation to get you back to your full earning potential. Workers’ compensation can cover the amount needed for your rehabilitation treatments as well.

In addition to the medical expenses, workers’ compensation will also pay for any work you missed due to your injury. When you are hurt, you can’t work, which means you can’t earn your paycheck. Keefe Bartels understands the limitations a workplace injury places on you and will seek disability pay to cover your lost wages.

When workplace injuries take a turn for the worse and result in fatalities, death benefits can be offered to the surviving family members. The loss of life is tragic enough, but adding the loss of income on top of that grief can be too much to bear. Keefe Bartels can help spouses, children, or in some cases, extended family members receive death benefits to ease the blow of their loved one’s loss.

Contact a NJ Construction Accident Attorney

Do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Keefe Bartels immediately after a construction accident or illness. We can help you wade through the mire of red tape to get you the compensation you deserve.