Consumers have a right to expect that the products they purchase and use are safe. Unfortunately, despite regulations and industry standards related to creating safe products, the large corporations that make large profits manufacturing and selling products continue to cut corners and market products they know, should know, or have real reason to believe are defective and dangerous.

Consumers continue to suffer injuries from these products and if you or a loved one are one of these consumers, you need a law firm experienced in these cases to protect your rights and obtain the result you should be entitled to. At Keefe Bartels LLC, our New Jersey defective product attorneys are experienced in representing the victims and families of defective product injuries.

Defective and dangerous products cause injuries. We work with victims and their families to recover compensation from the corporations responsible and their insurance companies. The successful prosecution of a products liability lawsuit works to prevent the continued marketing of dangerous products thereby preventing future harm to others.

A manufacturer or seller of a product may be held liable in a product liability action if the claimant can prove that the product causing the harm was not reasonably fit, suitable or safe for its intended purpose because it: a. deviated from the design specifications, formulae, or performance standards of the manufacturer or from otherwise identical units manufactured to the same manufacturing specifications or formulae, or b. failed to contain adequate warnings or instructions, or c. was designed in a defective manner. Our attorneys are experienced with handling complex defective and dangerous product cases and will provide you with the representation you need to recover maximum compensation in your case. In fact, John E. Keefe, Sr. of our firm co-authored a leading treatise on products liability law, New Jersey Products Liability, Gann Law Books, 2005.

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Our New Jersey product liability lawyers are experienced with all of the following cases:

Defective products cases can be highly complex and require the investigation of an experienced attorney. At our firm, we work with experts, investigators, and other professionals who can assist us with preparing evidence to support your claim. Our attorneys are experienced in handling pharmaceutical drug claims, medical device claims, and other dangerous and defective products cases. If you or your loved one has suffered injury from an unsafe product, do not hesitate to contact our firm- we are adamant about protecting consumers and helping victims recover the compensation they deserve.

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