Researchers and medical professionals have discovered a link between the widely prescribed drug Reglan, also known as Metoclopramide, and serious neurological side effects including Tardive Dyskinesia and other body movement disorders. Tardive Dyskinesia is most likely a permanent condition that has no known cure at this time. Reglan and Metoclopramide have been widely prescribed to millions of patients to treat Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, also known as GERD and Acid Reflux; Diabetic Gastroparesis; nausea, particularly nausea associated with morning sickness; and migraine headaches. The elderly, especially, older women, are at greatest risk.

Tardive Dyskinesia Movement Disorders Attorneys

Use of Reglan and Metoclopramide is linked to Tardive Dyskinesia, which is a serious body movement disorder with these symptoms:

Facial tics

  • Random movements in the tongue, drooling and slurred speech
  • Jaw tension and spasms
  • Lip smacking or pursing
  • Cheek puffing
  • Facial grimacing
  • Rapid eye movement and blinking

Body tics

  • Involuntary movement of upper or lower body parts
  • Swaying movements of trunk or hip
  • Impaired finger movement


  • Anxiety and tremulousness
  • Restlessness and compulsion to keep moving


  • Masked, expressionless face
  • Rigidity or slowness of movement or gait

The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, has issued a warning about the link between Metoclopramide and Reglan use and movement disorders that can continue even after drug use is stopped. The FDA also mandated that Reglan and Metoclopramide drug makers include a warning of potential side effects on the drug labeling.

Despite the serious health risks associated with Reglan and Metoclopramide, the drugs continue to be prescribed for short term use. The attorneys at Keefe Bartels are working to ensure that drug makers are held accountable for any negligence in failing to publicize the link between long term use of Reglan and Metoclopramide and neurological disorders and movement disorders like Tardive Dyskinesia.

If you or a loved one have taken Reglan or Metoclopramide and have experienced the symptoms noted here, contact us right away. You can also call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 877-ATTY-24-7.