While safety standards for cars and trucks are improving, there still are hundreds of fatal accidents in New Jersey every year. More than 20% of these accidents in New Jersey involve trucks of varying sizes. The numbers for non-fatal truck accidents are in the thousands. And what’s worse, truck accidents result in more multiple-victim injuries and deaths than other standard vehicle accidents in our state.

That means that, each year in New Jersey, there are thousands of individuals who have been hurt, killed, or suffered damage as a result of truck accidents. Because of these high numbers, truck drivers are heavily insured by their various companies. As a result, it can be a difficult process to hold these drivers and companies responsible for the damage they cause.

Truck Companies Have Teams of Legal Defense Attorneys. So Should You.

At Keefe Bartels, we specialize in truck accidents and can help you over the legal hurdles that these types of cases can bring.  Our truck accident attorneys have years of experience defending victims who have suffered injury or loss due to truck accidents.

We know that truck accident cases can become extremely complex. We are experienced in navigating the process with large trucking companies, their stingy insurance firms, and multiple defendants. Plus we know both the federal and state laws at play that govern the trucking industry, so we know how to fight for what you deserve.

In many cases, these larger firms may offer you what seems like a fair amount for compensation for your damages, injuries, or loss, but they are hiding the fact that they owe you far more. Our team of truck accident lawyers know what they can and should pay and we will work to get you the maximum compensation possible from your accident.

Truck Accident Causes and Cases

Our truck accident lawyers at Keefe Bartels are experienced in handling all kinds of truck accidents. While each case is unique, many truck accidents share similar causes or fall into the same category.

The most common possible causes of truck accidents include:

  • Defective equipment
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Sleepy drivers
  • Improperly-secured cargo
  • Failure to comply with road regulations

We are familiar with the state and federal statues on the road restrictions for heavy trucks or trucks with multiple axels, which enables us to recover the full amount of your deserved compensation.

Our lawyers will investigate and gain access to drivers’ records, witness statements, and black box evidence to support your claims. This kind of information can help to increase the dollar amount of your payout for just about all possible types of truck accidents.

While the majority of truck accidents involve semis and tractor-trailer collisions, legal cases can fall into one of multiple categories. We have won high-payout cases for our clients involving oversized loads, jackknifed trucks, transportation of hazardous material, or improperly-secured cargo. Other cases could be influenced by permit violations, defective machinery or driving while drowsy. Each of these cases could result in multiple injuries, paralysis, or even death.

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